• Alexander Baranov
    Executive director
  • Mikhail Zheblienok
    Chief engineer
  • Lyudmila Istomina
    Chief economist
  • Elena Pavlenko
    Chief specialist in transport planning
  • Ilya Reznikov
    Chief engineer of project
  • Vera Frolkina
    Chief urban planner of project
  • Anna Boyko
    Expert of transport development of territories
  • Pavel Kotenev
    Expert of transport development of territories
  • Roman Khizhnyi
    Expert in mathematical modeling
  • Roman Noskov
    Leading specialist of transport development of territories
  • Vlada Fedosova
    Leading specialist of transport development of territories
  • Yurii Glazov
    Specialist of transport development of territories
  • Anzelika Druzhinina
    Urban economist
  • Vasilii Matovnikov
  • Anastasia Turygina
    Specialist of transport modelling
  • Maria Gogoleva
    Chief accountant
  • Natalya Zheblienok
    Scientific advisor
Mikhail Petrovich
21.11.1955 — 25.09.2015
Founder of the Laboratory of Urban Planning
Mikhail Lyubomirovich graduated from Leningrad Engineer Construction Institute, the faculty of architecture with distinction majoring in Urban development. After graduation, he came to work in the workshop No.1 «LenNIIProekt» as an engineer. He headed the automation of planning department of «LenNIPIGenplana» in 1988 and the Office of territory information systems and urban modeling closed joint-stock company «Peterburgsky NIPIGrad» in 1996.

M.L. Petrovich created a series of annual international academic and research conferences «Transformation of transport and communication city spaces» in 2011. As a result of the 1st conference successfully carried out, devoted to Vosstaniya Square, he founded LLC «The Laboratory of Urban Planning».
Mikhail Lyubomirovich being a director general of LLC «Laboratory of Urban Planning» used to be a member of Non-commercial partnership «National Guild of Urbanists», an expert in the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, a member of the Urban Planning Council of Saint Petersburg, a member of the Community council of infrastructure of Saint Petersburg, a member of the State examination board of the Urban development specialization of Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, a laureate of the A. A. Polyakov international medal «For extraordinary accomplishment in urban transport systems' development» at the same time.
Mikhail Lyubomirovich about transport in city
TV-project «Urbanistika»