Due to rapidly increasing levels of automobilization in Russian cities in the context of growing public interest in the quality of communication urban spaces, Laboratory of Urban Planning has set itself a task of a comprehensive studying the role of the transport and communication spaces of the cities.

Practical and project activities

  • Complex transport schemes
  • Programs of complex development of the transport infrastructure
  • Complex schemes of traffic organization
  • Complex schemes of organizing the public transport services for population
  • Rationale for the development of certain modes of transport
  • Concepts of transport hubs
Transport parts in:
  • strategies of social and economic development, territory planning schemes
  • city master plans
  • planning projects
  • urban planning rationale
  • investment rationale
  • territory developmen concept
  • master plans
    • Transport modeling
    • Survey and calculation of transport, passenger and pedestrian flows
    • Analysis of GPS tracks and ticket validation data
    • Analysis and forecast of socio-economic development of the territory
    • Organization of sociological studies of mobility of the population

    Transport planning

    Transport plans of socio-economic development strategies, territory planning schemes, master plans.

    Strategic and territory planning

    Transport strategies, complex transport schemes, complex schemes of traffic organization, concepts for transport hubs.

    Transportation systems research

    Modeling, flow surveys, big data analysis.

    Service of large-scale events

    Transport service concept for big events, transportation of sport objects, expert consultations.

    Map of our projects